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Five men in competition

On december 5th, 2009 the event will take place. Five men will compete against each other in the Sir X Torture Contest. Captured in 5 cages we will see who endures the most.

Do you have the courage to participate?

Apply for it

Alexiel Acardipain

Alexiel Acardipain is registered in the slacescentral and can be seen on the right side. She sure is experienced in SM and will lay hands at you. Exactly what she does to you is not known, but that much ist known that it will be to much for all but one man for the others will disrupt the play.

To her profile in the Central

A game only for the real ones

The Torture Contest is only meant for people that are deep into SM. All man that are indeed masochistic are asked to apply. Alexiel Acardipain enjoys already in the thought to lead them slowly towards their personal limits.

The challenge

Every man has his weekness. If psychologically or physically. In which order the annoyances are chosen will not be talked abaut. Therefore the winning of the contest s not just a matter of painrestistance, but also includes the true will to succeed and overcome those weeknesses. This is a challenge and a big chance in once.

A great experience

One thing is for sure. For the participients and for the visitors, this event will leave one's mark.

Do you want to be there live?

For 10 visitors we are able to offer this unique possibility.

Don't hang around beeing bored!

Be part of the project as a visitor or evan better as a participient or maybe as a sponsor, but never forget it is just a game, a game you will never forget.

The Torture Contest by Sir X.

Details on the first Sir X Torture Contest

  • Date: Saturday, december 5th, 2009 (studio in Witten/germany)
  • 5 men in cages
  • Alexiel Acardipain as the torturer
  • 10 voyeurs
  • The Sir X camera team
  • An unforgetable competition that is about more than just money. - the torture competition site by Sir X - © 2024 by Sir X® - all rights reserved
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